Wednesday, November 19, 2014

RIP, "Blue-Dog" Southern Democrats

Yesterday's defeat of the Keystone Pipeline means that US Senator from Louisiana, Mary Landrieu, is finished as a politician. Facing a runoff election against Republican Bill Cassidy, Landrieu basically asked the still-Democratic senate for a break in trying to get legislation passed for the Keystone Pipeline, a popular piece of legislation in the Bayou State.

Well, that didn't work. Instead, the environmentalist wing of the Democratic Party once again showed its ugly face, killed the bill, and pretty much ended this Southern Democrat's career. Another Senate seat goes to the Republicans.

Never mind that every environmental study said that the Keystone Pipeline, like the millions of miles of other pipelines going through the country,  is quite safe. Never mind that the Keystone Pipeline will be approved once the Senate goes Republican. Never mind any of that. Mary Landrieu was sacrificed on the altar of climate change religion.

So while Keystone's initial defeat is just a minor setback for the pipeline, it marks yet another conservative Southern Democrat effectively kicked out of a party increasingly stacked with environmentalists, race-baiters and divisive feminists. And unfortunately there seems to be little room for anyone else under 'The Big Tent.'

If liberals are scratching their head as to why they lost so bad in this year's election, look no further than what happened to Mary Landrieu. She is a microcosm of what's going on. Southern Democrats, "Blue Dog" Democrats and working class whites are all being shoved out of the Democratic Party. They're not listening, and they do not care.

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