Saturday, December 13, 2014

Germans Can Be Anti-Immigrant Too, Right?

Ten-thousand Germans just marched in Dresden against "The Islamicization Of The West." The march came after a similar one in Koeln against Salafist Islam.

 Reuters and other media outlets are already doing their best to chastise these legitimate protests and make the movement look bad. How much do you want to bet that an ignorant Reuters reporter is going to bring up the Holocaust despite the fact that it has nothing to do with any of this? Oh, wait... here it comes...

"Public expressions of anti-immigrant sentiment are largely taboo in mainstream German politics because of the Nazis' mass-murder of Jews and other groups in the Holocaust."

OK, so... Germans are forbidden to express anti-immigrant sentiment because of mass-murder against Jews, who weren't even immigrants at that time? Does anyone realize how little sense this statement makes?

But it's true. Germans can't express legitimate frustration on an immigration policy that they never voted for, and the reason is, ultimately, The Holocaust. Convoluted as that thinking is, that's apparently what passes for critical thought in the 'new' Europe. 

Germans have a right to be anti-immigrant just as much as as anyone else does. They shouldn't have to sacrifice their own sovereignty because of something that happened three generations ago. Hey. If a country like Japan, which is very developed, has a low birthrate, and did even worse than Germany did during WWII, can flat out close the door to immigrants, Germans should also be able to do so if they want to. Why no outrage about Japan? Why do Germans have to accept multiculturalism and Japanese don't? The hypocrisy is ridiculous.

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