Sunday, February 21, 2016

German Interior Minister Panicking

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maziere has lost his temper and is panicking. Germany has lost another ally in its "experiment" with migration when Austria introduced a cap on asylum seekers. Austria's asylum seeker cap is about one-third of the number it took in last year. In late December, Sweden also more-or-less shut off its border to asylum seekers, leaving Germany pretty much alone to take in "refugees." 

De Maziere doesn't like that. In a "furious outburst," de Maziere said that "(Germany) will continue to fight for a European way out of the refugee crisis as long as it also promises to be successful in diminishing the number of refugees."

Any reasonable person can see there will be no 'European way' of diminishing the number of refugees. This "crisis," which I am beginning to think is in many ways manufactured, has been ongoing for eight months and Europe has done nothing to secure its border.

"However," de Maziere continued, "should some countries try to unilaterally shift the collective problem onto the back of Germany, it would be unacceptable and would not be without consequences from our side in the long term."

That sounds to me like an empty threat. First of all, it was, in fact, Germany that unilaterally shifted the entire "refugee" problem onto Europe to begin with! 

And second of all, Germany already is isolated in this. I believe de Maziere's threat was directed at Austria. Sanctioning and punishing Austria will only drive voters in the latter state to the Freedom Party, and it just might push Austria into the camp of Poland and Hungary. 

Germany is isolated, out of friends, and increasingly resented for its arrogance and its destructive policies that it is trying to force onto Europe. 

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