Friday, April 8, 2016

UPDATE: More riots, Greece could get STUCK with the migrants

The 'managers' of Europe's borders are a bunch of childless cat-lady Gutenmenschen.

With the first cargo of illegals being sent back to Turkey from Greece, many of the 50,000 Muslim Migrants stuck in Greece are now applying for asylum in that country. According to one report, the country's national asylum service is now 'overwhelmed.' There is currently a backlog of some 4,000 claims, with a potential for another 45,000 or so over the next couple weeks! 

Reports on the ground are that 'most' of the smugglers have left the Turkish coast, and arrivals are down to 'fewer than 100 per day.' Predictably, so-called 'human rights' groups are fighting the returns. 

It's unknown whether the tactic of applying for asylum will work. My guess is that most of the people applying for asylum are not Syrians (as Syrians are thus far protected from returns and are favored in 'resettlement.'). Therefore, a lot of the people applying for asylum will likely be rejected. However, it will bide these people a lot more time, perhaps years, while their claims are processed.

Netherlands says "Hell No." 

The Dutch come through again. A few weeks ago the Dutch public demanded a referendum on a political and trade agreement with Ukraine. The "no" camp won with over 60% of the vote. The referendum was "advisory" in nature, as this is a multinational deal, but even the Socialist PM Mark Rutte had to admit defeat.

"It is clear the ratification cannot just proceed as if nothing has happened," Rutte whined.

This deal will help to block the EU's expansion. It's also a victory for Russia and a good indicator of what is going to come in the UK vote on June 23rd. Will continue to update.

Afghans rioting in Greece

It's becoming increasingly clear to the 13,000 Afghans stuck in Greece that they aren't going to be considered refugees and they aren't going to be legally resettled in Europe. As you might guess, these gracious and rule-minded people are responding in a rather Afghan way. Fights between Afghans and Syrians are erupting all over the place.

At Piraeus just a few days ago, around 300 'young men' 'clashed' in a three-hour long brawl. Eight people were sent to the hospital.

In Vial, a camp on a hilltop opened by the government, the situation blew up last week. Rumors that non-Syrians would be deported led the Afghans to pick a fight with Syrians, men of both sides jumped in and a "wave of violence" engulfed the camp. Reportedly, men threw heavy stones at each other. Some of them ransacked a "Doctors of the World" medical clinic (lol).

Here's a video of these people 'protesting' their conditions just a week ago.

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