Monday, April 11, 2016

Update: Violence all over Greece

Over the last few days violence has broken out on Chios island and in Eidomeni, the border village between Greece and Macedonia. A few days ago this blog talked about 'protests' and violence breaking out between Afghan and Syrian 'migrant's on Chios island. That has since spilled over into the general city, as 'migrant's broke out of their overcrowded camp and laid siege to the port. Within a day locals became fed up and began attacking the 'migrants' and their NGO Euro-volunteer enablers. 

Above is a typically biased report from one of the 'open borders' whiners. Note that the 'port occupation got evacuated' because the 'refugees' blocked it in the first place. It's rumored that Golden Dawn was involved in beating up "solidarity people" and Muslim 'refugees.' 

Just yesterday the siege on the port was lifted by police and the 'migrants' were thrown into a makeshift camp. Situation there is not good.

Golden Dawn and angry locals surrounded the Muslim 'refugees' and harassed them last night. Have a look at this video

In Eidomeni, "hundreds" of 'refugees' tried to tear down a fence between Greece and Macedonia. Macedonian police responded by exploding tear gas and shooting rubber bullets at the violent illegals, eventually pushing them back. From the videos I've seen, the Muslims put their children on the front fence. Some of the tear gas spread into the camp, hitting women and children. Oops. 

Many of the illegals were heard chanting "Allahu Akbar." Ultimately, none of the illegals succeeded. 

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