Friday, March 11, 2016

UPDATE: Balkan Route is SHUT, no indication of it ever opening again

Macedonia has completely restored its immigration controls to normal, meaning that no one may pass through Macedonia without proper travel documents. About a month ago, Macedonia restricted travel to "refugees" from Iraq and Syria. Now things are shut off even to them. This shut-off is official, and this time it is NOT being described as temporary. In other words, there's no indication that Macedonia will be opening its borders again.

Meanwhile, "migrants" continue arriving in Greece at varying daily rates. Some days it's a few hundred, some days its over a thousand. Since none of them are travelling through Macedonia, virtually all of them are getting piled up in Greece. Latest reports confirm that there are now some 36,000 "migrants" stranded in Greece.

EU President Donald Tusk called this, "the end of irregular migration to Europe."

Whatever that might mean.

In the meantime, Merkel and 'Europe' are negotiating with Turkey to make some kind of a settlement plan, which includes liberalizing visas for Turks to travel (and settle) in the EU. That, of course, would be an epic disaster.

'Migrants' have two other choices from Greece: Bulgaria and Albania. I doubt 'migrants' will go through Bulgaria, as police and border officials there have repeatedly gone to extreme circumstances to keep illegals out. Stay tuned, will continue to provide updates.

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