Tuesday, March 15, 2016

UPDATE: Car Bomb in Berlin from "Turkish Gangs." "Migrants" finally breach Macedonia border, get roughed up and sent back!

Top of the morning, Germany!

A car bomb exploded on Bismarckstrasse this morning in Berlin, giving Germans a pleasant wake-up call. Residents were told to close windows and stay indoors. A 43-year old man crawled out from the car and died on the pavement. The man was known to police for "drugs and violent offenses," according to BILD newspaper. 

The car was registered to a woman with a "Turkish-sounding" name. 

Police are saying this was not 'terrorism,' but is instead gang-related crime. 

Haven't these guys ever played Oregon Trail...?

About 1,500 "migrants" got frustrated with the Macedonian border situation and decided ford a nearby river. Where they got the equipment to do this is anyone's guess, although I suspect they got it from NGOs. 

So far, Macedonian police detained 700 of these illegal "migrants," and also detained 50 slimy journalists and 'volunteers' in a nice cold jail cell. Then fined and deported the lot of them. It's unknown where the other 800 are, although I suspect they will have even more difficulty trying to get into Serbia and Slovenia. It won't be any easier for them, and I doubt the local population will be in much of a mood to help these people. 

Meanwhile, the situation is deteriorating at Idomeni, where some 13,000 people are camped and waterlogged in torrential rain. Idomeni is now twice the size of "The Jungle" in Calais. More updates to come. 

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