Tuesday, March 1, 2016

UPDATE: "Migrants" smash open Macedonia Border and get tear-gassed. Belgium shuts border to France. 'Jungle' evictions continue.

Yesterday the "Migrants" used an improvised battering ram to smash down Macedonia's border railway gate. As you can see in the video, they succeeded in their lawless action, but were soon dispersed by teargas. As I wrote in a recent article, Greece now has some 20,000+ stranded migrants who are waiting to travel into Macedonia and beyond. Most of them will not legally be able to.

As expected, civil groups in Germany and the rest of Europe are protesting, but Angela Merkel and the rest of the German government are actually pretty quiet about this latest incident. It's only because of Macedonia's and Austria's effort that "migrant" traffic into German has hit all-time lows, with Germany at times now receiving only a hundred "migrants" per day.

Belgium is taking full advantage of the scrapping of Schengen. With the piecemeal dispersion of "The Jungle," hundreds of "migrants" have been streaming into an already unstable Belgium. Belgian police have responded by shutting their western borders with France, and have now shoved another 600 illegal "migrants" back into France. Expect the Belgian border to tighten even further, as most of the Paris terrorists came from Belgium, and various neighborhoods in Brussels have already become safehavens for terrorists. 

"You want me to kill myself?"

The second round of demolitions in "The Jungle" has finally begun. French authorities are steadily moving 'Jungle' inhabitants from the shanties over to container homes just offsite and away from the highway. That doesn't mean The Jungle is going away. The French are just trying to limit it's population to 2,000. Independent estimates put The Jungle's population at almost 5,500. 

It's unclear what the evicted "migrants" will do. I don't think many will end up claiming asylum in France. If history is any guide, they may just disappear into various places in Europe. Stay tuned, will provide further updates when the situation changes. 

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